Two wine-making brothers.

Alexandre & Frédéric Chaudière are from a family that has produced generations of wine-makers at the Château Pesquié in the Ventoux, South of the Rhone Valley. In 2005, when they created the Paradou range, they decided to give themselves a new challenge. These two thirty or so year old brothers have always shared a passion for wine. Since he was a mere boy, Alexandre has been certain that he would become a wine-maker and he studied viticulture and oenology at Mâcon and worked in many of the world’s wine-making regions (Bourgogne, Rheingau, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Australia, Côte-Rôtie, etc.) to build a solid experience as a wine-maker.

After Bachelors’ degrees in Philosophy and in History from the Sorbonne and a Masters’ degree from Sciences Po Paris, Frédéric brings a slightly different outlook to wine-making as well as his marketing competence. The project started in the Luberon, but over time the Chaudière brothers decided to avoid the rigours of the AOP to be completely free to create fresh and sexy wines.

An old mill in the South of France.

In Provençal, which is the language of the Oc country, Paradou means the “fulling mill”. The word comes from the latin « parare » which means to « prepare ». The Paradou belongs to the Chaudiere family and is the Guest House of Château Pesquié. It is an old mill that was built from the 12th to the 13th centuries on the banks of the Auzon river. It belonged to Guilhem de Pascalis, knight of the order of the Holy Cross and is part of a group of four mills situated between the village of Mormoiron and the village of Mazan.

Over time, the mill was integrated into a large Provençal Mas (house) which was situated along a Roman road. The Paradou was initially built for the preparation of wool and cloth using the fuller’s earth that surrounds the property. This was a very lucrative industry for the community because the raw materials were available on site. Later, the mill was used to produce olive oil and is still surrounded by vines and olive trees today.