Wines for pleasure and sharing

Paradou wines are wines that are to be discovered and shared; they invite you to remember times which you most often forget like meal times or improvised drinks with friends, pick-nicks that are to be enjoyed with friends and family. Frédéric & Alexandre wanted to infuse the wines with the values that are central to the art of living in the South of France. These pleasures are pure and simple, they are those of sharing and of enjoying the small pleasures in life.

The wine-makers have tried to let the great varietals of the South of France and the Rhone Valley find their expression in their utmost purity. Paradou wines are very accessible and are an introduction to the more complex assembly of AOP wines from the Rhone and the Languedoc while a reminder that France can offer excellent quality-price ratios.

Fresh and fruity

In the instance of both the wines, the fermentation and the storing periods are very short and exclusively in stainless steel vats and concrete vats. There is no storage in barrels or any wood used for the Paradou vintages. For the Viognier, particular attention is paid to the harvesting date in order to pick the grape when it still holds its natural acidity. In the same line of reasoning, the malolactic transformation of the Viognier is stopped so that it can stay as fresh as possible.

For the Grenache, the maceration periods are kept relatively brief (10 to 15 days) and the pumping over takes place regularly, but as gently as possible. It is important not to extract too much and to search for the fruit and the crunchiness of the grape. Paradou wines are the purest expression of the principal characteristics of these two great vines: it is the meaning of the Latin proverb « in naturalibus » which can be found on the labels.